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The Kreg Jigs and Pocket Hole Jigs are a fast and easy method for joining wood. The Kreg Joint is simple and easy yet Strong when used with glue and makes a professional looking Joint. With the Kreg Pocket Hole Jig you can join wood like a professional. The K4MS and K5 is becoming a must for any wood working project.

Kreg, KJSC/D 3/8'' Depth Collar 13660
Kreg, KJSC/D 3/8'' Depth Co
Visits: 1820
Only $2.69
Kreg KJSC/MICROBIT Depth Collar 14553
Kreg KJSC/MICROBIT Depth Collar 145
Visits: 1242
Only $2.69
*Kreg, QUIK-ADAPT Quick Change Pocket-Hole Bit Adapter 14290
*Kreg, QUIK-ADAPT Quick Change Pock
Visits: 4820
Reg. $8.99
Only $3.97
Kreg, SML-C2-50 2'' Coarse Thread Pocket Hole Screws 50pk 13622
Kreg, SML-C2-50 2'' Coarse
Visits: 1824
Only $3.99
Kreg SML-C1-100 1'' Coarse Thread Pocket Hole Screws 100pk 13681
Kreg SML-C1-100 1'' Coarse
Visits: 3034
Only $4.49
Kreg, SPS-F1-100 1'' Fine Thread Pocket Hole Screws 100pk 12001
Kreg, SPS-F1-100 1'' Fine T
Visits: 1659
Only $4.49
Kreg, SML-C2B-50 Out-Door 2'' Pocket Hole Screws 50pk 14299
Kreg, SML-C2B-50 Out-Door 2'
Visits: 1944
Only $4.79
Kreg, SPS-C1-100 1'' Course Thread Pocket Hole Screws 100pk 13682
Kreg, SPS-C1-100 1'' Course
Visits: 1563
Only $4.79
Kreg, SML-C125-100F 1.25'' Coarse Thread Pocket Hole Screws 100pk 12004
Kreg, SML-C125-100F 1.25''
Visits: 2975
Only $4.99
*Kreg KMS7511 Trak Klamp 13650
*Kreg KMS7511 Trak Klamp 13650
Visits: 2157
Reg. $6.49
Only $4.99
Kreg, KMS7727 4ft Non-Adhesive 1/2'' Measuring Tape L-R Reading 13656
Kreg, KMS7727 4ft Non-Adhesive 1/2&
Visits: 4428
Only $4.99
Kreg, DDS 3'' & 6'' #2 Square Driver Combo 13661
Kreg, DDS 3'' & 6''
Visits: 1792
Only $4.99
Kreg, SPS-F075-100 Pocket Hole Screws,3/4-inch 100pk Fine 12510
Kreg, SPS-F075-100 Pocket Hole Scre
Visits: 996
Only $4.99
Kreg, SML-F125-100F 1.25'' Fine Thread Pocket Hole Screws 100pk 14298
Kreg, SML-F125-100F 1.25''
Visits: 2080
Only $4.99
*Kreg, SML-HL125-100 1.25'' Hi-Lo Thread Pocket Hole Screws 100pk 13829
*Kreg, SML-HL125-100 1.25''
Visits: 1166
Only $4.99
Kreg, SPS-F125-100 1¼-inch Fine Thread Pocket Hole Screws 100pk 13680
Kreg, SPS-F125-100 1¼-inch Fine Thr
Visits: 1814
Only $4.99
Kreg, SML-F150-100 1.5'' Fine Thread Pocket Hole Screws 100pk 12003
Kreg, SML-F150-100 1.5'' Fi
Visits: 995
Only $5.19
Kreg, P-MICRO PNT Paint Grade Micro Pocket Plugs (65-pk) 155600
Kreg, P-MICRO PNT Paint Grade Micro
Visits: 732
Only $5.49
Kreg, P-PNT-50 Paint Grade Pocket Hole Plugs (50-pk) 15576
Kreg, P-PNT-50 Paint Grade Pocket H
Visits: 773
Only $5.49
Kreg, SPS-F150-100 1½-inch Fine Thread Pocket Hole Screws 100pk 13683
Kreg, SPS-F150-100 1½-inch Fine Thr
Visits: 2229
Only $5.69
Kreg, SML-C150-100F 1.5'' Coarse Thread Pocket Hole Screws 100pk 12005
Kreg, SML-C150-100F 1.5'' C
Visits: 1668
Only $5.69
Kreg, D6HD Kreg Jig® HD Driver Bit 14030
Kreg, D6HD Kreg Jig® HD Driver Bit
Visits: 1221
Only $5.99
Kreg, D6X2 2 - 6'' #2 Square Driver Combo 13662
Kreg, D6X2 2 - 6'' #2 Squar
Visits: 2457
Only $5.99
Kreg, SML-C250-50 2.5'' Coarse Thread Pocket Hole Screws 50pk 13623
Kreg, SML-C250-50 2.5'' Coa
Visits: 1602
Only $5.99
Kreg, SML-C2X250-30 HD Pocket Hole Screws 30pc 155584
Kreg, SML-C2X250-30 HD Pocket Hole
Visits: 537
Only $5.99
Kreg, SML-C250B-50 Out-Door 2½-inch Pocket Hole Screws 50pk 15573
Kreg, SML-C250B-50 Out-Door 2½-inch
Visits: 1624
Only $6.29
Kreg, SML-C125B-100 Out-Door Blue Coat 1¼-inch Pocket Hole Screws 100pk 13830
Kreg, SML-C125B-100 Out-Door Blue C
Visits: 1813
Only $6.79
Kreg, P-PIN-50 Pine Pocket Hole Plugs 50-pk 12012
Kreg, P-PIN-50 Pine Pocket Hole Plu
Visits: 2301
Reg. $8.25
Only $6.99
Kreg, P-MAP-50 Maple Pocket Hole Plugs 50-Pack 12014
Kreg, P-MAP-50 Maple Pocket Hole Pl
Visits: 1813
Only $6.99
Kreg,P-MICRO-MAP Maple Micro Pocket Plugs (65-pk) 14648
Kreg,P-MICRO-MAP Maple Micro Pocket
Visits: 643
Only $6.99

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